I do indy work so all my names on indy sites and on main sites are all the same meaning my messengers are all the same. One night about a week and a half ago I was approached by a guy who figured out my name on skype off cams.com ( I really did not give him my skype name but that is besides the point plus my name being the same everywhere you just put 2 and 2 together) He wanted to do foot worship shows. I agreed and did a whole day of foot shows with him. He liked being on the phone directly and did not want to use the skype voice. I gave him the number to a prepaid phone I use for stuff I do off mfc for clients. I do not like being on the phone at all ever that is why I do cam shows only and send members off mfc dirty pics they pay for. I did another show with him again this week but finally decided that even though the money was okay I could not handle dealing with a client like him because of how uncomfortable it made me feel and just grossed me out after 5 hours. I told him very kindly I did not want to do shows with him anymore because I am not comfortable with being on the phone. The guy just freaked out on me and tried spamming me on skype using different skype names etc. Blew up my prepaid phone calling me everything and just freaking out because I said I can not do shows with you anymore I am just not comfortable with it anymore. I thought most guys had the mindset I will spend my money elsewhere but NOT this guy. His main name on skype is billsmith1 and I know he frequents cams.com and niteflirt a lot. He comes off as a nice descent guy at first then the more time you spend with him you see him going insane and doing crazy things. I also decided to stop when I had warnings bells of him talking about models in the past would stop talking with him. I just want to warn all of you girls that is probably best to NOT do business with him if you do not want to be bugged and stalked when you say No I can not do a show or do not want to get money from him anymore. His sessions are very intense and just bizarre. You do not have to get naked or nothing but it is just all about feet and too intense for me plus him talking about all these models before that ditched him just makes me wonder.
Again his name main name on skype he uses is billsmith1. He frequents cams.com and niteflirt just looking for feet.